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    OMM Collection was born with an agenda to “Love yourselfagain” & “Love your hair again” after much research. From creation ofsignature fragrances, product ingredients to design of logo and overall designof every bottle and every product. We took pride in creating and making surethat it encompasses the elements of awareness.


    We incorporated plants, seeds and extracts which are likeanimals in that they are able to regenerate their tissues after injury or understress, generations have applied and relied on these transforming properties tohuman skin. Although the technology is constantly developing, plants have beenused as medicine for thousands of years, so this is an auspicious connection.


    OMM is the syllable which sends blessings and gives honor tothe divine. OMM is the vibration from which all the manifested universeemanates—OMM is the beginning & the end. It holds all the supreme spirit,the truth and entirely of the universe. The OMM logo reflects the “Full Cycleof Life”. The complimentary opposite “M”s, reflect “Duality ofSelf-Reflection”, which is the seed of Self Power. Hence OMM Brand transcends“Love Yourself Again” & “Love Your Hair Again”.


    In the ancient world of Middle East, the Persians &Babylonians practiced the sacred divine OMM in daily personal rituals – thusblending all natural exotic oils of Pomegranate, Olive, Amla, Marula, Moringa,Prickly Pear, Jojoba, Argan & Almond as part of their wellness for theirskin, body & hair.


    OMM Natural Luxury Hair & Spa was created to address aneed for a holistic approach – “A Farm-to-Beauty” Concept. OMM represents theunion of mind, body & spirit in balance and harmony – ultimate peace, wherenatural elements ignite self power and self love leading to happiness –creating memorable moments in time.


    OMM Collection is the product of years of carefully planned& tireless research “time-tested ancient beauty” for beautiful, thick &nourished hair and radiant skin. Believing that true beauty comes from inside,OMM has blended that divine spirit and understanding, leveraging ancienttraditions with modern technology concepts to blend indigenous natural oils,butters and extracts from native plants, fruits and seeds to create highperformance products that carry the secret fountain of youth and agelessnessfor hair & body.


    OMM Collection products are uni-gender and it’s for a dailyhealthy lifestyle regimen.


    OMM is about Ageless Beauty—it’s the modern passion forremaining Youthful, Healthy & Beautiful in both mind and body.

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