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    A Word From Our Founder:

    “The idea of OMM Collection originated from my personal struggles and the toll it took on my physical and mental 
    well-being. A few years ago, I fought through a challenging phase in my life that left me drained and devoid of 
    energy — the struggles I underwent physically manifested in the form of dull, lifeless skin, and brittle, thinning hair. With an intense desire to bounce back to my radiant, healthy self, I resorted to natural, time-tested techniques and special ingredients to reclaim myself and rekindle the spark in my life.

    This journey of self-discovery through self-care helped me understand that there were so many others like me who were yearning for holistic solutions to care for their skin and hair, and bring back the beauty that had dulled over the years.

    I spent several years researching the traditions of my heritage combined with science-backed naturally derived ingredients to come up with OMM Collection, a truly universal self-care brand with timeless solutions for all.” — Mellina Soheili (Founder)

    The Significance of OMM

    The term OMM refers to the divine syllable through which the Universe emerged — a representation of the union 
    of the mind, body, and soul. Inspired by the immense power of this simple word, our products are bioengineered 
    and specifically created to go beyond the superficial by offering a complete experience that transcends 
    boundaries. OMM Collection believes in crafting a holistic, therapeutic experience that beautifies, heals, and inspires externally and internally.

    Our Priorities

    What matters the most to us is clearly reflected in our agenda, “Love Yourself Again”. At OMM Collection, we 
    truly believe that there’s no greater joy than rediscovering and falling in love with yourself all over again.
    All our products are formulated with carefully chosen natural ingredients bonded scientifically to deliver maximum potency and visible results for healthy, glowing skin and thick, lustrous hair. Our ingredients include pure exotic oils, rich butters, and powerful plant-based extracts that rejuvenate the skin, hair, and body.
    We understand that self-care should be for everyone. This is why all our products are carefully formulated to suit all genders, ages, and skin types, making them the perfect choice for the entire family.

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