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    Private Label


    About Us

    The most important decision your business can make is how to brand itself. The state of the market has changed dramatically. The need to develop your own brand identity is now essential for a successful business model.


    Our formulas were created with one purpose: to be the best. We include the finest quality, highest performing ingredients in the highest concentrations that yield the desired results. We began our development process with a focus on high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts backed by testing. Because we focus on high-end hair, body and skincare, we can provide these products and a value point significantly better than any branded line. Nor do we chase after high-volume mass market business as other contract manufacturers do. We seek clients that share our focus on quality and performance.

     We Make It Easy

    Creating your own branded line can seem like a daunting task. We have developed an expertise in developing formulas, sourcing packaging, and manufacturing a product line to meet your specific needs.

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