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    5 pc - Variety Floral Soaking Salt

    MIND, BODY, & SOUL: OMM Collection luxurious bath salt soaks are packed with mineral-rich salts and essential oils that deeply nourish skin while soothing tired muscles. Achieve instant relaxation while revealing softer and smoother skin with a healthy glow.*

    The set includes:
    (3) 1.5 oz Floral Soaking Bath Salts Jasmin Rose (Calming)
    (1) 1.5 Floral Soaking Bath Salts Night Lily (Romantic)
    (1) 1.5 oz Floral Soaking Bath Salts Passion Citrus (Inspire)

    1.5 oz each
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    Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Pink Rose Petals, Jasmine Flowers, Fragrance Oil * See Product Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions.
    Dead Sea Salts stimulate circulation, detox and improve skin complaints, while Pink Himalayan Salts are well known for detoxifying your body, and instill the skin and body with minerals. These salts combined with pure oils, and jasmine & rose petals provide a memorable bathing experience. * See Product Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions.
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